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Do a mobility check now and see your current state. We want to support you and offer you a free 10-minute information session afterwards. Answers to your questions and solutions, precisely tailored to your situation. We look forward to meeting you!

PENeM® 3D Balance

A straightening of the spine and alignment of the entire musculoskeletal system.

When the energy flows in the body, the person is healthy,‘ says Chinese medicine for thousands of years.

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PENeM® Selfhealing

Looking at, resolving and rewriting your trauma with the clear goal:

Health – joy of life – quality of life.

The problem must be solved at its source in order to be permanent and effective. Experience PENeM® in individual counselling.

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The solution for problems
and blockages

Developed over years and used successfully for decades. PENeM® is the fastest and most effective method we know to achieve your health.

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