Help yourself &

   help your friends

We accompany you into your health!

You want to live healthy and free?
We show you how.



PENeM® individual accompaniment

Solve your issue at the root cause

You as a human being are the focus

Straightening of your spine and musculoskeletal system

Increased zest for life and vital energy

Optimal flow of energy

Reprogramming of your cells

Immediately noticeable - visible - measurable!

We accompany you into your health!


PENeM® Transformation process

The start into your new life

You solve the causes behind your problem, on all levels

Intensive self-development process

Rewriting obstructive, disease-causing beliefs

Resolving traumas that create unwanted realities in your life

Keep PENeM® field permanently

Training as a PENeM® companion

Apply the method for yourself and others

intensive self process

You learn the PENeM® self-healing method

Completion with certificate as a PENeM® companion

You actively help people - successful, self-determined, healthy

Become part of the PENeM® team

Training to become a PENeM® Master in succession possible!

You want to live healthy and free?

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