Test-based spinal alignment

The 3Dimensional Balance works directly in your body.

“With every illness, above all others, pay attention to the spine!”

– Hippocrates

99% of people have a pelvic obliquity without realizing it, with far-reaching consequences for their health. The spinal column with its 150,000 meters of spinal nerves is like the power line from the power station. If there is not enough current flowing, the light bulb starts to flicker. It’s the same in our body. If vertebrae are displaced, less electricity flows and the corresponding organ is undersupplied.

Imagine a skeleton

Humans have 278 bones in their body. These are mainly held in place by 680 to 700 muscles and tendons. The muscles can stretch and contract. And they can freeze, myogelize. I have found shortened, hardened muscles in all symptoms. These hold the vertebrae and joints in the “wrong” position.

Chinese medicine has been saying for 5000 years: “If the energy flows in the body, the person is healthy. Only if the energy flow is blocked can a disease or symptom arise.”

Would you like to experience it for yourself?

The first step is to determine the current state of your body. The measurement of leg length, pelvis, all joints, testing the mobility of your sacroiliac joint/ SIJ, your spine with each individual vertebra, cervical spine, atlas, jaw joint. This body test provides information about shortened and hardened muscles, vertebrae and joints that are out of balance. Your body tells its story. After the 3D Balance spinal alignment, there is an immediate change – visible, noticeable, measurable.

We check this with a follow-up measurement and send you your photos.

This technique is part of a holistic, deeply effective and gentle support concept based on 35 years of professional experience, research, development and transformation. To release the spine, joints, soft tissue dysfunctions and the associated physical complaints.

The list of the 10 most common diseases according to health insurance companies in Germany

1. Back pain

The most common diagnosis made by general practitioners is back pain. Around a quarter (25%) of Germans are treated for this every year.

2. High blood pressure

3. Ametropia

4. Disorders of fat metabolism, cholesterol

5. Flu/Influenza

6. Non-inflammatory diseases of the vagina

7. Abdominal and pelvic pain

8. Acute bronchitis

9. Spine and back

Spine and back problems cause problems for many people. In addition to the main diagnosis of “back pain,” doctors often also diagnose “other diseases of the spine and back.” Women are particularly affected.

10. Nutrition (obesity)

Krankenkassen Deutschland

According to the OECD Health Report 2012, knee and hip prostheses are used twice as often in Germany as the European average. In 2010, 295 out of 100,000 inhabitants received a new hip and 213 a new knee (total population in Germany in 2012 is 81,890,000 people). In total, 400,000 people are fitted with prostheses every year.

But the underlying causes have not been identified. The problem is often caused by a pelvic tilt with a difference in leg length, which is usually caused by shortened, hardened muscles. A congenital difference in leg length rarely occurs. Even a 5 mm difference in leg length can cause chronic problems, as a tilted pelvis triggers a dramatic chain reaction throughout the body. The head wants to be in the middle of the body because we focus on objects with our two eyes. Therefore the spine adapts. You can think of it like this: If the foundation of a house is unequally high, then the tiles on the roof will also be out of angle. Or if the car’s track is distorted, the tires are worn on one side. It is important to see people holistically. Looking at the symptom does not provide a permanent solution.

When the pelvis is tilted, the spine inevitably develops curvatures, e.g. B. the hip joints are no longer in the optimal position, the angle changes, the contact surface becomes smaller, the pressure becomes greater, the friction is higher and the surrounding muscles that hold it in the position are shortened and hardened. The hardened muscles can no longer push the blood into the bone through their movement to provide it with optimal nutrition. After 30-40 years of misalignment, the diagnosis of coxarthrosis and osteoporosis is often made. This applies to any joint that is not in the optimal position. Due to the severe restriction of movement and pain, an artificial joint is often recommended as a ‘solution’ with far-reaching consequences for health and quality of life (limiting mobility, dependence on medication and expiration date – on average approx. 15-20 years).

The spinal nerves of the spinal cord enter and exit the spine, between the vertebrae. Via these nerve strands, electrical impulses from the brain reach the respective areas of the body and organs that are vital for health and cell power supply. Each nerve has its own supply area. Depending on the region, vertebral displacements can cause the following symptoms. For example, misaligned teeth lead to a displaced jaw joint, which in turn leads to a displaced atlas. This can lead to the following symptoms: uneven tooth wear, migraines, headaches, dizziness, trigeminal neuralgia, ringing in the ears, sudden hearing loss, eye diseases, poor eyesight, difficulty concentrating, dizziness, stroke, epilepsy…

The 3D balance is possible on site by arrangement.      

ULTIMATELY, SUPPRESSED EMOTIONS ARE SITTING IN YOUR HARD MUSCLES, which lead to pain and misalignment, which you release with PENeM® self-healing.

These results and more are possible with PENeM® Selfhealing by looking at, resolving, rewriting and transforming the underlying emotional conflicts. This solution is possible from the comfort of your own home in a protected environment via Zoom. Book your free life call now.


Who is PENeM® Selfhealing suitable for?

For everyone from age 5.

Is PENeM® a form of hypnosis?

No, you are in the alpha state, the highest authority within you is leading.

Does PENeM® Selfhealing help even when I am very much in my mind?


Can children also have a PENeM® session?

Yes from the age of 5. Before that, the parents dissolve during a session (connected by the mophogenetic field)

Do I need certain prior knowledge for PENeM® Selfhealing?


How many PENeM® sessions do I need?

On average, the basis is 1-3 sessions and as needed.

What does PENeM® mean?

P stands for psyche, ancient Greek for soul, the soul is our most sensitive part, with the highest vibration, pure love, it expands; when it is hurt it withdraws. In the case of trauma, parts of the soul are split off and need to be reintegrated.

E stands for emotions/affect, a high emotional energy. This energy is the driving force behind our thoughts.

Ne stands for nerve pathways, the connection between the mental/spiritual level and the body, the physical level. We can only feel in our body with our nerve tracts.

M stands for muscles. They can expand and contract and muscles can myogelize, harden, i.e. they are as if frozen.

Can I have a 3D Balance if I have already had hip or knee surgery?

Yes, very helpful. As the spare part must also hold in the boil. With good blood circulation (jaws straight, muscles relaxed), bones and tissue are better supplied. The durability of the ‘replacement part’, mobility and energy flow are significantly increased. Pain is relieved.

How long does a spinal alignment 'last'?

Once the underlying pattern has been resolved on all levels, father and mother are integrated, usually permanently.

What is the difference between 3D Balance and PENeM® Selfhealing?

3D Balance works on the physical level. PENeM® resolves the cause on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Can children already have a shifted pelvis?


Is pelvic obliquity congenital?


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