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3 dimensional Balance

A straightening of the spine and alignment of the entire musculoskeletal system. When the energy flows in the body, the person is healthy,‘ says a wisdom from Chinese medicine for thousands of years.Learn more

PENeM® Individual accompaniment

Looking at, dissolving and rewriting your trauma with the clear goal: health – joy of life – quality of life.The problem must be solved at the source to be permanent and effective. Experience the PENeM® in individual accompaniment.Learn more

PENeM® Training

Together we can achieve more. It’s time for PENeM® Self-Healing to go out into the world. We train you in the method. Actively accompany people and the knowledge, around health, that we have experienced, tested and learned over 30 years. Be part of it!Learn more

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PENeM Academy Cyprus

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Through the PENeM® self-healing I found back to my inner center and got the strength, courage & tools to pass on and focus positive thoughts. My sons and I are very connected to you and we are looking forward to new, unforgettable PENeM® moments.

Dominique, 41 years

My first PENeM® experience was impressive. Since I had a lot of trouble responding appropriately to people who spoke loudly and rudely to me, I did a PENeM® to find out the source. After the PENeM®, immediately 2 hours after, I had an important conversation with my boss. That was the first time I was able to calmly and clearly make my point.

Gesa, 50 years

What has changed for me.... My consciousness! I can now show and address feelings, don't have to bend for anyone to please, because I am just right the way I am. And the awareness to my body. I realize that my body is no longer so easy to get out of balance... this benefits the whole family.

Melanie, 39 years

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